Theory Development

The NSI advances social systems theory in the tradition of Niklas Luhmann and explores synergies with alternative schools of systems theories.



We develop advanced or alternative self-definitions of society.

Society theory

We improve, repair, fine-tune or invent social theory architectures.


We take measure and draw the social world in the colours of the basic forms of social differentiation.


We explore media effects and pursue the digital transformation of social theory.

Management and Organization

We focus on attributions of communication to persons in management roles and organisational systems.

Foresight and anticipation

We remain fascinated by the paradoxes of the temporal dimension of communication.


Luhmann Conference

2021 in Dubrovnik

The 1.5annual Luhmann conference will be held again in Dubrovnik in September 2021.

EURAM Track 14-02

2021 in Montréal (online)

The NSI is supporting the T14-02 “Management History, Theory, and Philosophy” at the European Academy of Management 2021 Conference in Montréal (online).

Publication Announcement

2021 Design with the NOR

George Spencer Brown, a polymath and author of Laws of Form, brought together mathematics, electronics, engineering and philosophy to form an unlikely bond. This book investigates Design with NOR, the title of the yet unpublished 1961 typescript by Spencer Brown. The typescript …

Call for Papers

2021 The Great Reset of management theory

Theoretical and conceptual contributions are invited from scholars with backgrounds in management, sociology, economics, and further social sciences.

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