The social theory startup

The Next Society Institute is a university institute and research start-up devoted to theory development and transfer.

Theory development

The NSI advances social systems theory in the tradition of Niklas Luhmann and explores synergies with alternative schools of systems theories in domains such as

  • Theories of society
  • Social theories
  • Theories of social differentiation
  • Theories of new and old media
  • Management and organisation theories
  • Theories of foresight and anticipation

Theory Transfer

The NSI is keen to translate theoretical breakthroughs and advances into diverse forms of social impact including

  • Tool manufactory
  • Strategic advice
  • Policy agendas
  • Learning content
  • Social therapy
  • Communication design

(under construction)


NSI Source Codes

For more information on current initiatives and programmes, please visit our blog.


Our researchers, consultants, educators, and designers are keen to maintain organisational structures that defend this theory start-up against its own success.


Founded in 2020, the Next Society Institute is a research and transfer institute of the

Kazimieras Simonavičius University
Dariaus ir Girėno g. 21
Vilnius 02189, Lithuania